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Monee Elementary School4

Monee, IL | Will County


November 14, 2014

Monee Elementary 2014- My son attended Monee Elementary for the first three years of his primary education and the experience was not what I expected. The teachers have a tendency to be very inconsistant in there communication to me about my child's progress, they are quick to label children, and unless your child is exceptional or gifted be prepared for an emotional roller coaster ride with the staff. I transfered my child to another school and he is doing great. They are definitely not well versed in diversity.

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July 23, 2012

My both kids went to Monee Elementary School. I have to say that the teachers are great, they work with the parents if there is a problem. My kids level of education is very high, they go to another school because we moved and are on the same level as kids from school rated at 10

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July 17, 2007

This school is wonderful. My daughter has achieve so much. The whole staff is great

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November 9, 2006

our son attends Monee elementary and recieves additional resources to help him achieve his highest potential in reading and speech. Recently at his quarterly evaluation I was given information of his struggles in reading level below his class level, although overwhelmed this school reviewed all avenues of assistance and ended with an outcome that I was pleased and satisfied. My child will now recieve the help he so desperately needs and the school implemented this help so quickly. I would recommend Monee elementary to any parent with a child requiring special needs without a doubt.

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