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Seneca High School7

Seneca, IL | Lasalle County


March 26, 2013

I moved to Seneca when i was in gradeschool, from the outside looking in SHS looks like a fantastic school. But it's all about who you know in that town. Teachers playing favorites there is an understatement. You could be one of the best athletes high school sports has ever seen but if the coach didn't personally care for you, expect to sit the bench. And if a teachers daughter/son also plays the same spot as you, you're FOR SURE sitting the bench. Teachers there gossip worse than the students, everyone knows your business whether it's true or not. During my senior year at Seneca High School i was being bullied by some girls in my grade that were "teachers pets" and started to feel like i was even getting bullied by teachers. This school treats you like a child and when i got to college i felt so lost, it did not prepare me for college what so ever. The only truly good thing i can say about this school is the art department. The 2 teachers in charge of it are fantastic! Not only do they have great knowledge of art but they were never judgmental, gossiped, played favorites, and you could talk to them about anything.

Submitted by a student

November 23, 2005

Seneca High School is a small town community school where parental involvement is noticeable in every facet of the curriculum. Due to excellent funding, the school offers many programs and extracurricular activities not normally encountered at a school of a similar size. The academic programs are excellent and provide superior hands on learning and involvement for students through modern science, computer, and vocational labs.

Submitted by a former student

October 12, 2005

I am an alum of Seneca and I am very proud of that fact. I had a great expirience at Seneca and although it has grown in the past couple of years I would love for my kids to attend the school.

Submitted by a parent

July 26, 2004

i have gone to seneca schools since i was5 years old.this is a school where the children come first. Each one of us children are encouraged to do our personal best without being labeled as the smart or dumb kid. The teachers are highly skilled and work hard to bring out the best in us. The principal is kind and knows each child by name. he is a great example of a leader and I will miss seeing him everyday after my graduation this year. Thank you seneca for bringing out the best in me.and giving me the encouragement and confidence i needed to go out into the world and make the best of my self!'

Submitted by a student

May 3, 2004

Seneca High is a school where the students best interests' are looked for. However, the school does not offer accelared courses for many subjects and often students are caught in a tract which they must stay on even if their interest change. The grades for all courses are equally, an A is the same in Calculus as it is in Consumer and Family Science. This does not accurately describe students abilities and can be limiting in such things as class rankings and scholarship opportunites. The teachers do make themselves available for addditional help if necessary which is an advantage for the students as well. Overall Seneca is a good school but some of it's practices are dated and need to be changed.

Submitted by a former student

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