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Grayslake Central High School10

Grayslake, IL | Lake County


November 25, 2014

Of the Grayslake schools this one is lacking. For the most part the staff is supportive and responsive to the needs of our daughter and they changed her schedule to accomodate her in a more suitable math class that helped her to learn better, however, the staff overlooked problems with another teacher( in english), and because we reported her she gave her a failing grade without ever trying to help her. The head of the IEP staff is the worst. He has actually accused my daughter of not telling the truth about this english teacher whom we reported. In the Middle school they would always take complaints of abusive staff behavior seriously, however, not here. They side with the staff even if they are neglecting their duties and even treating your child badly. It was not just us but we knew of at least another child that was treated this way. I cannot in clear conscience recommend this school especially for kids that may need more help for a variety of reasons. I am not saying a child is always correct in their interpretation or that the staff is always at fault here, but the way they side with the staff will open the door to abusive behavior.

Submitted by a parent

August 11, 2013

Grayslake Central is a good school. Teachers are very supportive and clearly have a passion for teaching! They are always ready to help students and are very nice. Students are also kind to each other. The teachers for clubs are nice but I think that clubs should meet more often to get in extra practice before competitions. I feel that the teachers could be more strict and make sure that the students are well prepared when it comes to success in clubs.

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August 21, 2012

This school is all around a great school, even though its older it looks pretty new!! The lockers in this school are huge! As a parent I would say its safe to send your kid here. The teachers are very great too and will always email or call you back asap.

Submitted by a parent

April 12, 2012

I truly enjoyed my time at Central. Not only were the students dedicated ram fans, but the parents would also consistently show their pride. I loved most of my teachers. You could tell that they had a passion for teaching and enjoyed helping us learn. However, the administration is lacking in their effectivness at taking students concerns over bad teachers seriously, and are not much help when it comes to taking action against bullies or abbrasive teacher attitudes. Overall, the AP and honors courses are awesome, and athletics are some of the best in the conference.

Submitted by a student

March 16, 2012

BEST school! all teachers are well educated and push all kids! the sports programs are all amazing here! ram pride is also very clear here! :)

Submitted by a teacher

February 13, 2011

Our high school kids enjoy the honor and AP classes at this high school, as well as several academic clubs. The teachers in the honor and AP classes are very serious about teaching and student achievement. Great school.

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October 28, 2009

I'd rate this school as average. While the academic acpect is very good, the school spirit is lacking. The students do not think it's important to get involved. Going to school at GCHS makes me feel like...nothing. While there are almost never major negative occurences, there are not many major positive (by which I mean fun) activities going on either.

Submitted by a student

October 7, 2009

My daughter graduated in 2009 and received an excellent education. The teachers were caring and engaged with their students. They stimulated the students to think and not just memorize materials for testing purposes. My daughter emerged with a curiosity about the world and a thirst to learn. I am convinced that the teachers at Grayslake Central nurtured these traits.

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February 24, 2009

Both schools are good. I have attended both schools as well, North and Central both have their good qualities and their bad ones. North, is of course, a newer campus and therefore nicer classrooms and facilites. However, Central has tradition that North doesnt. It has been around for a long long time and has an outstanding tradition in the 'RAM FANS'. Overall, i would rate Central higher than North because of tradition, and North has more kids that dont live in Grayslake that attend it than those that do. Central 100% Grayslake/Hainesville students. GO RAMS!

Submitted by a student

February 15, 2009

Please do not believe the hype. Most peole say that Central is a better school than North but you can never know that until you have experienced both schools. I attneded Grayslake Central as well as Grayslake North and North is actually the better school. Parents just say Central is because they think that North has more minority students (black and hispanic). When in all actuallity it is the same percentage. North has better teachers and the students are exceedingly friendly.

Submitted by a student

January 15, 2009

Its awesome and way better than North HIgh School the teachers are fantastic and it has a great curriculum!

Submitted by a student

February 9, 2006

Great School District! My 2 children went to Grayslake, my daughter who was an honor student and my son who was LD. Both who excelled to their fullest, Honor classes were offered in all subjects and the special help was there when my son needed it. Superb!

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