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Hawthorn Elementary School North6

Vernon Hills, IL | Lake County


November 23, 2014

We have a second grader this year at Hawthorn Elementary North. We are impressed by teachers' encouragement of parental involvement, their attention to details and organization, timely communication about various events and activities, and overall happiness of our child. The student body is very diverse, and it is a huge advantage for the children to be growing up and learning together with kids from many cultures. The energetic principal seems to be exerting an effective leadership over the school, and she has been very responsive when we initiated a communication. Teachers and staff are friendly and respectful. We have not been here long enough to evaluate all the details, and will update later in the year. But so far, great!

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March 9, 2014

Excellent teachers who take active role in helping support growth of students. We are very happy that our children go to Hawthorn Elementary. The school is moving in the right direction, and it is a terrific place for our children to learn.

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February 11, 2013

I have two children at North. I am concerned with the Administration and lack of encouragement for parent involvment. The fact that we keep losing great Principals is a concern as well. This year, we are stuck with a principal who does not say the pledge every morning as in years past and does not let the teachers do what they need to do. My kids are exceeding all standards and I feel are getting a good education, but again, the administration is not up to par.

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August 21, 2012

My child is in third grade at Hawthorn elementary north. I am very concerned about the poor rating although all three schools are supposed to be using the same curriculum. It is my personal view that this school gets step mother's treatment mainly due to the fact that majority of the students in Elementary North are Hispanic (Did I drop the bomb ?). Principals transfer every 6 months. This school continually rated low (4 compared to 8 in other schools in the district) and lot of bright students transfer to other schools. What is wrong here. I think administrators play blind eye to the real issue with this school. This is modern day segragation

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April 9, 2011

Currently, this school is doing much better. Leadership has changed, burnt out teachers have retired, and my kids are loving it. This may not be new but I find it great that parents are encouraged to get involved and be Mystery Readers and participate in programs like Art Adventure and Family Fun Night.

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December 13, 2010

I was surprised when I was told that my kid sister is a brilliant student. Her math level is way below average! Science is way below average! Writing and spelling is way below average! If she's a star student, then perhaps the teachers or their curriculum is so diluted and dumbed down.

August 9, 2010

I am surprised by the negative feedback of the administration. I have found him to be warm, welcoming, and responsive to my concerns. It's too bad he was moved to another building. The teachers care about the students, and the building has the largest amount of technology in the district. It is a great school, but the inequity in population must be addressed by the unimpressive school board.

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April 5, 2010

Hawthorn Elementary North is an excellent school. It offers an engaging curriculum that allows for 21st century learning opportunities for all students. I currently have a kindergarten student and it is truly unbelievable the progress that she has made this year. She went from knowing some of her letters and sounds, to being able to read and write clearly and fluidly. She also loves her special teachers. One of her favorite activities is working in library with Mrs. Schramm making podcasts, checking out books, and getting a chance to learn more about computers. I feel like her teachers truly know my child, they care for her and are highly competent. I sometimes feel that because the school has a more diverse population, and that it's an older building, that other parents look down on the building. North is the best kept secret in the district! It's an excellent school.

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May 1, 2009

The teachers at Hawthorn Elementary North are dedicated and hard working. The arrive early and stay late (I live near the school, and I see it.) They work harder than anyone I have ever seen, and they truly care about my children. The arts, library, and P.E. programs are strong, and we hope those important aspects of a child's education will never be cut. If money becomes an issue, make cuts at the administration level, not at a level that effects the children.

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April 13, 2009

Leadership is extremely poor here, and there is little cohesive communication from administrators in the building, to the staff. Morale is low, and this environment is fostered by the incompetence at the administrative level.

Submitted by a teacher

February 28, 2009

Their academics may be above average, but the school does absolutely nothing about bullies or violence. Fighting has been occuring during recess, and the supervisors (whose jobs it is to prevent this) have been doing nothing.

October 4, 2007

In the beginning I though this school is the best ,but not anymore. The teachers are good but not the principal nor the staff.I am so sorry for our kids and for the school to because it's on the way down.And everything comes from the superintendent who cares only about his interests.I am thinking to move in another school .If you want to buy a house buy in another area.

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October 2, 2007

The majority of the teachers and support staff at this school are indeed attentive to the needs of their students. My children have been very happy with their teachers as have I.

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August 28, 2007

I do agree with the comments regarding the Board's lack of concern for what the parents wanted. Unfortunately, the addition of 'choice schools' (in an expensive new building) has only divided our neighborhood and children. However, because of this, Hawthorn Elementary North has now become a 'small town' school in a huge district. The teachers at North are wonderfully attentive, the staff know the students and their parents, and I no longer feel that my children are lost in a huge school. Too bad the district is so divided.

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June 21, 2004

When we moved to the district 5 yrs ago, this was rated as a great school. Since then, the school board and superintendent have made many unpopular choices without regard to parental concerns. We passed a large referendum and the money is quickly (and sometimes quietly) disappearing. They promise to address concerns, but we do not feel we are heard. They continue to add 'schools of choice' with varieties of learning methods which have only confused the parents and divided the staff. We place our blame squarely on the shoulders of the school board whom we no longer trust to make choices that are best for us and our children, but instead, in their best political interests and those of the superintendent. Buy your house in another district for now!

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