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Lincoln Park High School8

Chicago, IL | Cook County


October 9, 2014

Lincoln Park HS is a pretty good school. I am currently a senior at Lincoln Park. As an incoming freshman, I choose the Double Honors program at Lincoln Park over the Alpha Program at Lane Tech and it was a good choice. The HH program was very challenging for me and I fell behind quickly. Most of my teachers were helpful and tried to support me. Whenever I SEEK HELP, I get it. The college application process is pretty easy too. I meet with my counselor all the time now and she is always willing to help. Overall, any teacher or faculty member is willing to help IF YOU SEEK IT. I would love to praise the music program. As the best CPS music program, LP really cares for its musicians. Beginning band gets just as much attention as the Wind Symphony. The choirs are top notch. The music program is prestigious all around. Although I hate this school with a passion, I must say that it is a pretty great one.

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September 11, 2014

Graduated from the I.b program a few years ago, absolutely horrible. Nothing but horrid memories from this institution. They counseling services at this school are close to nonexistent. Despite working extremely hard - I didn't get into my first choice university - nobody cared - all the focus and work was placed toward 2-3 I.b students. I do not recommend this place - if I had the $, I would go to Latin or Francis Parker - way less work and yet I would end up at the university of my choice. Disgusted and ashamed that I went here.

May 26, 2014

Lincoln Park high! While the teachers are dedicated, there is still not enough money to do all the things they want to do! If we could have a big FUNDING DRIVE every year, we could become one of the top 10 schools in the nation! If we could enlist an ASTRONAUT, or a well known PUBLIC figure to attend our drives, maybe people would commit! I myself, now living out-of-state, & with a minimum amount of SS per month, would still be willing to contribute something every year! Best wishes to all at LPHS....

May 24, 2014

I'm a sophomore in the IB program at Lincoln Park, and this is in response mainly to those who have had anything negative to say about LP. LP is a great school. It is what you make it. It is impossible to use a school as a scapegoat for your own personal failures. The IB program is ridiculously rigorous, I took Pre- Calculus and Honors British Literature as a Freshman (Junior level classes) and as a sophomore I am currently taking an Integrated Science course and two AP classes as a Sophomore. From what I hear from my peers not in the IB, the Double Honors program is also very rigorous with options to take really advanced classes in the first two years of HS. There is no where else in the city (and arguably) the state where you can get a public education like this. The music program is outstanding. For those of you who complain about the lack of school spirit, you've never heard the band and have never been to the homecoming game. Unless you get involved, you will never experience anything LP has to offer. The administration and teachers are as involved in your/your child's education as you want them to be. LP is an outstanding school, if you want it to be. GO Lions!

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April 30, 2014

I am a Freshman at Lincoln Park High School. This school is one of the worst schools around. It's so bad that I would rather go to Schurz High School which is one of the worst high schools in CPS. At LP the security guards are terrible. The teachers are not that good. The students are horrible and don't care about anything. I have only been there for a year and I dread the next 3 years.

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April 15, 2014

I'm currently a junior at LPHS. After reading some of these reviews,i've seen alot of negative feed back. Lincoln park is an excellent school for kids who want to find their true selves because Lincoln Park opens up their eyes in a way they've never did before. Before I came Lp I had no idea that I was talented,important,or smart. i've lived on the far south side for my whole life and only knew what I saw and was told,I never wanted to learn more. I was bullied from pre-k through 8th grade because i'm black with naturally red hair and I was diferent ,which made me hate my hair and myself.When I came to Lincoln Park, the kids embraced my hair and my character and made me feel like I mattered. I was never smart,so my grades, were low and no high school would accept me;but LPHS was the only one that did,out of 12 schools. Lphs gave me a chance at a better education and I'm so grateful. Now some of the staff are rude and ignorant,but so are 50% of Americans now of days. I hate my counselor because she's not good but the rest our border-line perfect.If you want your kid to be ready for the real world then send them Lphs because it's a really good school

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April 4, 2014

This school is a great school with lots of talented students and lots of potential. But the school and staff are not.focused of the students learning. Lincoln Park is more focused on discipline and not the students education. They're to busy trying to keep up with other schools by buying flat screen televisions for the lunchroom, but we dont have enough books, most are torn into bits, or not enough for a class. We also have insects and mice infested in the school. I think Lincoln park can do so much better than what they are doing.

February 24, 2014

The freshman counselor is great about sending emails and reminders for everything its wonderful. All the teachers I have dealt with are caring and concerned and get back to me right away. I'm hoping this continues after Freshman year!

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February 23, 2014

Good School. Sends regular communication to parents. They do not prefer to respond to Parent queries. Some of my emails have remained unanswered for 3 months now.

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November 9, 2013

I believed th hype and sent my kid here, since coming here, he has been bullied, very hard to get a appointment to speak with a teacher and when graduated he only got a 18 on the ACT. Don't let this staff fool you, they dont care about students with IEPs or students who are the top students. Not all kids from this school go on to top universities. Many students go on to community colleges or state universities. L.P also have gangs, unruly ghetto kids, and fughts, this school is usually kids second choice , when they cant get into a selective enrollment high school or cant afford a private h.s. This school isnt on the level of Payton, W.Y., lane or Jones. L.P is like a poser, a joke...dont believe the hype about this school.

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September 10, 2013

I like Lincoln Park High School as its faculty are always willing to help...they post with the students and the parents and keep everyone in touch with what is going on. Their phone calls to keep parents informed of weather, school activities, etc. are great.

August 22, 2013

Lincoln Park High School has made huge improvements since my daughter started her freshman year. She is now a senior. 1- New principal ..teacher and student approved! 2- #2 in the state for their music program 4 years in a row! 3 - Wall to Wall IB program starting this year 2013. Overall teacher quality is likely to improve. 4 - Parent involvement / fundraisers to help with school improvement. I have noticed bathroom renovation, auditorium renovation, outdoor campus improvements, unfortunately air conditioning fundraiser 2012/13 had to be used for budget shortfalls. 5 - This school will continue to improve year by year!

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July 25, 2013

I attended this school for one year, and I have to say that it is probably one of the worst schools in the city of chicago, regardless of what the statistics say. All classes except for the IB program are not at all rigorous (I was in the Double Honors program) and it was extremely easy. I faced a greater challenge with my work in middle school. Regular classes are a complete joke. Even if you are in the IB program, you still have to deal with the regulars and honors students in the hallways, gym classes and lunch. Teachers are totally underqualified ( I had maybe 1 good teacher), staff is extremely rude, they care more about security then your actual education. The school is extremely dirty, I have never seen a janitor there once in the whole year. I have seen dirt and garbage remain on the floor of some of my classroom for up to a week. Sport s teams are horrible, there is absolutely no school spirit, and i would say that more than half of the students dont care about their future and bring students who do down. Office is so disorganized as well. If you are considering going to this school, I would strongly reccomend you find another choice. Hands down, worst school ever.

Submitted by a student

April 26, 2013

I have a freshman in Performing Arts. He has had a great year and great teachers. He is getting A's and B's and is not being bullied. Being smart and studying hold prestige instead of shame. I am nervous about the wall to wall IB, bue we will give it a try and see how it goes.

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April 19, 2013

Apply to this school, ONLY if you want to study in IB. As a student who' completed all 4 years of IB, I can say that this was the most useful learning experience of my life -- made college a piece of cake. Honestly, a lot of knowledge I've acquired in IB was more useful and insightful than in college. Although teachers vary in their skills, overall majority of them were great to excellent. I would never send my kid to LP to be in regular or even honors classes. From my years at LP, it seemed like a lot of troubled kids, were in those classes, and I personally was threatened to be stabbed for no apparent reason. IB program really is segregated, but that's what I liked about it - that there was no need to interact with delinquent students who often came from ghetto projects and had entirely different mentality. The coursework is challenging but doable and it's not as bad as some people make it out to be. You don't have to give up on social life. Quite frankly, I procrastinated a lot and did everything last minute and I graduated with good grades. If you take regular classes you'll have a more difficult time in college. IB enables you to have easier life after high school.

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