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Forest Elementary School5

Des Plaines, IL | Cook County


August 28, 2014

Forest School is wonderful! The teachers and staff really care about their students. It's a great school to send your kids to.

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June 30, 2014

This school is great. The fifth grade teachers are always supportive and the students are diverse and friendly. A couple of free but good programs are offered to the fifth graders.

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September 16, 2013

I'm extremely disappointed in this school. I am not a parent but I am an older sibling who takes my younger siblings to school, pick them up for lunch and pick them up from school. I have had countless problems with a few staff members at Forest. I have felt singled out and treated with as much respect as you would treat a rock. I ignore most of the staff members except for a few. The parking situation is horrible. Everywhere you get a ticket and you can't park in the ONLY parking lot on the school grounds. There aren't signs about this being "faculty parking only." In the winter time it's obviously much easier to drive rather than walk but it is a huge project to even drive there. The school bus drop off in the morning is on the same black top that the kids wait in line on. The buses literally goes, give or take, 20 feet away from the children. There is only a line painted on the pavement that the kids are suppose to not cross. What's stopping a bus from hitting someone? And last the Spanish speaking students are separate from English speaking students. I am EXTREMELY disappointed in this school and if I was able to, I would GLADLY take my siblings elsewhere.

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February 9, 2010

this is an amazing school with lots of fun.. i dont know what to say im speechless its amazing....

September 9, 2003

I have one child in Forest School and one child at another school. The differance is night and day. Forest School is much more involved with the children and the parent-teacher communication is awesome. As a former student of Forest School myself, I know my child is getting the best education possible at here.

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