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Central High School5

Champaign, IL | Champaign County


February 26, 2011

This a great school with a mix of students from many different backgrounds. The music and drama programs are wonderful. The building is rich in history, with its 1930 architecture, and the main hallway is lined with plaques from the very successful athletic teams. A downside would be the lack of space. There's no student parking lot (students have to park on the streets around the school), the gym is quite small, and there is no football field. The school definitely isn't perfect, but hey, it's high school, and every school has its problems. Definitely a better choice than the other high schools in town.

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October 3, 2009

Central has one of the best musical programs in the state

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May 24, 2008

This was a great high school for learning about the real world. Things were not glossed over and I was thrust in many situations which taught me lessons that are applicable in realworld sicuations

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April 4, 2006

My son completed high school here, having opted out of the Uni experience in favor of something a little less 'overachieverish.' We found the school to be a real mixed bag--he found some very inspiring teachers and mentors along the way (and a couple of terrific courses as well). But on the whole, unless your student is part of the honors program track, Central's offerings are relatively average. The drama program was quite terrific. Parent involvement seemed pretty high. The diversity of the classroom seemed a bit lacking--tracking, I suspect.

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